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What are hack / cheat tools?
Hack / cheat tools are software programs that alter the original attributes or rightful match result of one's character in the game. External programs that enable your character:
- To Have Much Faster Movement Speed (Aka Speed Hack)
- To gain an unfair advantage by seeing past walls/obstructions (a.k.a. Wall Hack)
- To gain an unfair advantage by using macro and hotkey programs
(would include common hotkey programs used in MOBA games)
- To appear invulnerable and/or "teleport" by usage of bandwidth limiting programs (i.e. "Net Limiter)
- To Gain A Lot More EXP And/Or Points
- To Have A Much Stronger Armour
- To Have A Much Higher HP
- Etc.
All of the above are considered hack / cheat tools.
We aim to create a fair gameplay environment for the Garena Point Blank community. As such, players found using hack / cheat tools will be penalized.

Penalty for using hack / cheat tools
- Be permanently banned from Garena Point Blank.
*Note: If an illegal 3rd party program for another game is turned-on or running while also playing PB. Account will still get banned.


What is considered as an inappropriate nickname?
Nicknames that may imply meanings which make other players uncomfortable and/or offended; or harbour the intention of deceiving other players are considered inappropriate.
For example, nicknames that:
- Impersonate Game Masters, Operatives, Ambassadors And/Or Other Characters
- Contain Sexual Context And/Or Obscene Body Parts
- Consist Of Vulgarities Or Are Otherwise Offensive, And/Or May Cause Confusion
- May Be Protected By Trademark Or Other Proprietary Rights Laws
- Have A Reference To Hacking Such As "Hack4fun", "LetsHack"
- Make No Sense Such As "1111nnnnn1111"
- Harbour The Intention To Confuse Via Letter Masking Such As "IoIip0O0Op", (I.E. Using "I"S For "L"S And Zeros For The Letter "O")

Penalty for using inappropriate nicknames

For characters with inappropriate names, the administrator shall reserve the rights to change the nickname(s) in question without prior notice or temporary ban for repeated offense or Points reduction.
- Administrator shall change the offending player’s nickname(s)
- Be permanently banned from Garena Point Blank


What is considered as bad manners?

The usage of language or actions with the intention to deceive, or make other players uncomfortable, or become a nuisance to the Garena Point Blank community are considered misbehaviour.

For example:
- Usage Of Vulgarities
- Malicious Flaming Of Other Players
- Discussion Of Sexual / Violent / Obscene Topics
- Advertising Of Illegal Or Malicious Websites / Programs
- Spamming Of Message
- Cursing And Swearing
- Threats Scamming Of Other Players' Account Info

We aim to create a pleasant gameplay environment for Garena Point Blank community. As such, players who are caught misbehaving in-game will be penalized.

Penalty for misbehaving players

For players who are guilty of engaging in misbehaviour in the game, the administrator reserves the rights to ban his/her Garena Point Blank account for temporarily or permanent ban depending on the severity of the violation.


Flooding / Spamming (Minor Offense)

Flooding is when a player type messages repeatedly on screen to the point that it disrupts normal conversations between other players and the game as well. This can bother or harass other players or draw useless attention to one's self.

Event Disruption (Minor Offense)

Game Masters run different game events daily. Players who disrupt these events (continuously messaging a GM, being in a zone they have been asked not to be in, harassing participants, etc.) will be subject to penalties.

False Reporting (Minor Offense)

Reporting false information such as presenting yourself as a hack victim to profit from this action is illegal. This also applies to giving false information about others players to get them into trouble or continuously accusing other players of non-factual information.

Player Harassment / Swearing (Minor to Major Offense)

Swearing is using curse words or profane words in any language that can be seen by any other player. Although we have implemented a program to filter the use of swear words during the game some players may find ways to get around this with the use of other characters or symbols. Remember not everybody is the same. Each has their own creed, religion, race and personal culture and what is okay with you and your peers may not be okay for them.

Vulgarity (Minor to Major Offense)

Vulgarity is the use of lewd and indecent words in character names, guild names and messages. This game has players of all ages and such words whether sexually implicit or not may be considered inappropriate for them. It is also considered vulgar to use letters, numbers and symbols to create graphics that are sexually implicit. Insulting other players occurs when a player or group of players uses vulgarity or swear words against another player or party for any particular reason. It is the use of insults in order to degrade another or hurt their feelings. Some comments do not necessarily have to contain swear words to be insulting to a person. Player remarks can be hateful, degrading, racist, and very discriminatory.

Threatening (Major Offense)

We do not tolerate threatening of other players with challenges that result in violent outcomes. These include fights, shooting, stabbing, killing and threats to seek and beat up other players out of the game. Please keep it in-game.

Harassing Game Masters (Major Offense)

Harassment of Game Masters or other Garena employees such as Point Blank Operatives and Staff is a punishable offense. Harassment includes booting Garena employees out of the game room or spamming at them. Game Masters may issue a verbal or written warning before issuing penalties to the offending party.

Garena / Point Blank Employee Impersonation (Major Offense)

This occurs when a player pretends to be a Game Master or employee of Garena (including Point Blank Operatives/Specialists) in order to extract personal information, account information such as username and password, in-game currency, or game items from another player. This is a form of scamming and will not be tolerated by game management.

Illegal Trading (Major Offense)

Illegal Trading is when another player sells or buys Garena accounts/clans or any items in exchange for real money. This also includes the trading of items that represent any money value such as prepaid cards. Trading in-game items for real money, game load, prepaid load, or any other property outside of the game is strictly prohibited. Illegal trading will not be honoured as a valid excuse reason for acquiring items, if the items were reported missing, the account will be held liable for account hacking, if the item is illegal, the account will be blocked accordingly.

Account Hacking (Major Offense)

Account hacking is accessing another characters account in order to use/sell items/GS, delete the character, or obtain personal information about the character or about the player himself.

Game Hacking / Use of Third Party Programs (Major Offense)

Third party programs are programs that are used in order to change or modify the game client. This includes wall hacks, tapping hacks, speed hacks, duplicating programs, key loggers (any form) and cheat engines that may edit game modifiers or character stats. It is illegal to advertise or distribute any third party programs inside and outside the game, as well as advertising fake websites.

Game Fixing / Farming (Major Offense)

Farming in Point Blank, is not allowed and strongly discouraged amongst players. Game Fixing includes killing players repeatedly who aren't moving or are Away From Keyboard (AFK).

Bug Exploitation / Glitching (Major Offense)

Bugs in the game should always be reported to Point Blank Game Masters / Operatives and Ambassadors as soon as the bug is discovered. The management shall reserve the rights to penalize those players who abuse the bugs for personal gain. A very good example is crate, box or ladder glitching.

Scamming (Major Offense)

Scamming in Point Blank is not allowed. Scamming includes providing players with 3rd party links with promises of GS, GS weapons and ETC or by obtaining player’s Garena Username and password for your own personal benefits though underhand methods.


For Minor Offense to Major Offense

7-days Ban
14-days Ban
Permanent Ban
*Depending on the severity of the offense.

For Game Fixing First Offense:

De-ranked to 0-60% of current EXP & Point (depending on the serverity of farm)
Reset Character (Kill/Death) Ratio
Additional 10,000 Lose & Deaths

Second Offense:
Point Blank Account Permanent Ban (no appeal)

*Abuse policy may change and update without prior notice*