What are Prized Events?

We’re thrilled to see the fast growing number of Point Blank tournaments self-organized by third party hosts such as cafes, school clubs, companies, organizations or even individuals. We thought about creating this Prized Event program to further empower and assist third party organizers in making their tournaments more fun and rewarding for participants and organizers alike. Organizers may apply for support and sponsorship from Garena as part of our Prized Event program.

What kind of support and sponsorship is provided for Prized Events?

We’re glad to help on two fronts:(1) Prizes for the participants, and (2) Advertisement of your tournament to the community.  

While we’re seeing great participation on several third party tournaments that offer cash prize coming from the cash pool collected from registration fees, etc, we believe we’d be able to further increase interest by adding prizes that matters a lot to Summoners – that is PB Cash.

So as part of Prized Event program, organizers cna choose between these two types of prizes based on the number of teams that eventually played in these accredited Prized Event tournaments.

Option A:

  8 Teams 16 teams 32 teams
Champion 15000 PB Cash(per player) 30,000 PB Cash (per player) 50000 PB Cash (per player)
2nd Place 7500 PB Cash (per player) 15,000 PB Cash (per player) 25000 PB Cash (per player)
3rd Place 3000 PB Cash (per player) 7500 PB Cash (per player) 15000 PB Cash (per player)
4th Place 3000 PB Cash (per player) 7500 PB Cash (per player) 15000 PB Cash (per player)

Option B:

  8 Teams 16 teams 32 teams
Champion 14D G Esport (per player)   30D G Esport + 4,000 PB Cash (per player)     30D G Esport + 30,000 PB Cash (per player)  
2nd Place 7D G Esport (per player) 14D G Esport (per player)   14D G Esport + 10,000 PB Cash (per player)  
3rd Place 3D G Esport (per player) 7D G Esport (per player)   7D G Esport + 7,500 PB Cash (per player)  
4th Place 3D G Esport (per player) 7D G Esport (per player)   7D G Esport + 7,500 PB Cash (per player)  

Additionally, we will publish all Prized Events at our Point Blank Tournament Hub (http://pb.garena.ph/tournaments/tournaments-list.php), ensuring that we’re able to reach out and increase awareness to as much Troopers as possible about your tournaments.

There's also a chance that we'll upgrade the Prized Event sponsorship to include cash and merchandise prizes. Our tournament staff will inform you of the details should you qualify.


Great, how do I get started?

Glad you’re interested! Just so you know, we also intend to give specific incentives to organizers like you. This is our simple way of expressing our appreciation for your love and support to Point Blank Revolutions.   

The incentive will similarly be dependent on the number of teams that eventually joined/played. 

 8 teams  16 teams  32 teams
100,000 PB Cash 150,000 PB Cash 300,000 PB Cash


That's sweet. Now, I'm really excited to organize my own tournament. Can I apply for Prized Event?

Yes, everyone is most welcome to apply.  

We do however have a screening process to ensure that all accredited Prized Events are legitimate and have all the basic foundation (organizer experience, venue, etc) to ensure the greater success of the tournament. So if you already have prior experience in organizing gaming tournaments, that will be a huge plus.  

Read on below to know more details. 

What else do I need to know?

Here are some important pointers that you may want to know:
  1. In anticipation of the large volume of applications we will be receiving, we apologize in advance if we are not able reply to all your applications real-time. But we’ll definitely get back to you as soon as possible by sending you an email to inform you whether your application has been approved (along with instructions on the next steps).
  2. The prizes coming from Garena (PB Cash) along with the incentives for the organizer will only be given sometime after the event is concluded. And after organizer has submitted the “Post-Event Report” which will be explained further during the phone call briefing.

What is the minimum number of teams I need to have in order to submit my tournament application? Is there a maximum number of teams that my tournament can only accommodate?

We require a minimum of eight (8) participating teams for Prized Events. So part of our screening will be assessing whether there’s certain level of guarantee from your plan that you’re able to assure a minimum 8 teams joining.  

No ceiling for maximum number of teams.  The more the merrier!  But you, being the organizer, may have to factor in the feasibility whether you’re able organize for that many teams. Things like # of PC café has, café’s internet bandwidth, etc are important to consider.

You mentioned about the need for third party organizer to submit "Post Event Report", is there a deadline for this?

We require organizers to send this Post Event Report no later than ONE (1) week after your Prized Event tournament has been concluded.But the earlier you’re able to send this, the earlier we are able to award the winners (and your incentive). Let’s not keep the winners waiting so your cooperation to send this at the soonest time possible is most appreciated.  

This Post Event Report is more than just formality. We actually use this as barometer to assess how good you are as a tournament organizer based on how well-polished and detailed your report is. Who knows, maybe in future, we may award you with higher-tiered tournaments such as Rookie Cup, Corporal Cup or even more!

Can I play in the tournament I am organizing?

We are not allowing organizers to participate in the tournament they're facilitating. 

I'm good with everything now. Where do I submit my prized event application?

Make sure you have completely and accurately filled up the form to increase the chances of being approved during our screening stage.


*Rules/Mechanics is subject to change without prior notice