Can't find a tournament near you? Then why not organize your own or ask your local cafe to organize one for you! We are more than happy to assist you with the tournament prizes so that we can get that much awaited showdown to happen in your area. 

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Dozens of Point Blank tournaments happen every month around the country and it is our goal to make sure that there's always one near you. Whether you're a new team or a more seasoned one, Sergeant or General, tournaments exist for all levels of competition. We’re here to help you find your next challenge.


Captain's League is a prestigious onground tournament wherein different pro, semi-pro, and amateur teams are welcome to participate. 40 different teams are welcome to participate in this monthly tournament. Placing in monthly Captain's League tournaments earns your team points. Teams with the most points at the end of the specified period earns a spot in the Point Blank National Cup.
Cadet Cup is an onground tournament open to amateur teams with cash, ingame prizes, and merchandise held weekly in key cities and provinces nationwide. 


  Prized Events are open to all teams (depending on the organizer's discretion) with the chance to win ingame prizes. Mechanics may change depending on the organizer's decision.


Online Tournaments are open to all teams (pro, semi-pro, and amateur) with the chance to win cash prize and premium ingame pizes. Online tournaments are held once a month.