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1 Usage of Hack / Cheat Tools

What are hack / cheat tools?
Hack / cheat tools are software programs that alter the original attributes or rightful match result of one's character in the game. External programs that enable your character:

  • To Have Much Faster Movement Speed (Aka Speed Hack)
  • To gain an unfair advantage by seeing past walls/obstructions (a.k.a. Wall Hack)
  • To gain an unfair advantage by using macro and hotkey programs (would include common hotkey programs used in MOBA games)
  • To appear invulnerable and/or "teleport" by usage of bandwidth limiting programs (i.e. "Net Limiter)
  • To Gain A Lot More EXP And/Or Points
  • To Have A Much Stronger Armour
  • To Have A Much Higher HP

All of the above are considered hack / cheat tools.

We aim to create a fair gameplay environment for the Garena Point Blank community. As such, players found using hack / cheat tools will be penalized.

Penalty for using hack / cheat tools

  • Be temporarily banned (7-14 days) from Garena Point Blank (under investigation).
  • Be permanently banned from Garena Point Blank.

Note: If an illegal 3rd party program for another game is turned-on or running while also playing PB. Account will still get banned.

2 Inappropriate Nicknames

What is considered as an inappropriate nickname?
Nicknames that may imply meanings which make other players uncomfortable and/or offended; or harbour the intention of deceiving other players are considered inappropriate.
For example, nicknames that:

  • Impersonate Game Masters, Operatives, Ambassadors And/Or Other Characters
  • Contain Sexual Context And/Or Obscene Body Parts
  • Consist Of Vulgarities Or Are Otherwise Offensive, And/Or May Cause Confusion
  • May Be Protected By Trademark Or Other Proprietary Rights Laws
  • Have A Reference To Hacking Such As "Hack4fun", "LetsHack"
  • Make No Sense Such As "1111nnnnn1111"
  • Harbour The Intention To Confuse Via Letter Masking Such As "IoIip0O0Op", (I.E. Using "I"S For "L"S And Zeros For The Letter "O")

Penalty for using inappropriate nicknames
For characters with inappropriate names, the administrator shall reserve the rights to change the nickname(s) in question without prior notice or temporary ban for repeated offense or Points reduction.

  • Administrator shall change the offending player’s nickname(s)
  • Be permanently banned from Garena Point Blank