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1 What is Point Blank?

Point Blank is a free-to-play first person shooter developed by Zepetto and locally published in the Philippines by Garena Philippines.

2 How can I report cheaters and hackers?

Everyone can report a cheater or hacker by creating submitting a report in the Point Blank Court Martial page.

3 How can I request for my account's ban to be lifted?

If your account has been suspended without using hacks or cheats. You can create a thread on our Ban Appeals section located on our forums.

Kindly follow the format to ensure that the process of unbanning will be more efficient.

1) Garena Username
2) Garena UID
3) In-game name in Point Blank
4) Image of proof of ban

4 Where can I buy Garena Shells?

Visit this page for more information.

5 How can I convert my Garena Shells into Point Blank Cash?

You can go to the shop website via the game or website. For more information regarding ingame conversion, kindly click on this link.