Veterans and a truly strong team! From 2015 they were recording some great results in Point Blank Global Esports Tournaments. Meet Wargods Ace Gaming of the Philippines! They have made their way to PBIC 2017 by defeating hundreds of other teams and flawlessly winning the Philippines' major competition - Captain's League.

Q1 : Tell us about your team?

A : Our team this year is stronger, more confident, and much more disciplined in preparation for the upcoming PBIC 2017.

Q2 : How did you gather your current team? And the requirement to join your team?

A : There are no requirements to join our team. You just need to be yourself and show us that you can be a team player.

Q3 : Tell us about the strength and distinctive play style of your team.

A : Our team's strength for this year's PBIC is being more aggressive and sticking to our play style and becoming more disciplined to rack some wins for our side.

Q4 : Tell us about how you and your team prepared for the upcoming PBIC 2017.

A : We watch the replays of matches from the top teams that will participate on PBIC. Then we adapt from their strategy and gameplay to counter them.

Q5 : What is your prediction for your team on the PBIC 2017?

A : I think we can go for the Finals in this coming PBIC 2017.

Q6 : Briefly tell us about the strength and the distinctive play style of your team.

A : We can say that our on-the-spot play is our strength. We can easily adjust our team's strategy depending on the play of the opponent. We trust each team member, we consider that an edge, without it we can't do on-the-spot play. Still, communication is the key to our success. We are now also more attentive to the air bombs technique to win against our opponents.

Q7 : How was the atmosphere of PBIC qualifying match in your country?

A : It was so exciting at the same time intense as there was a lot of pressure during the matches.

Q8 : Lastly, please write any comments that you would like to share with your local fans and PB fans.

A : To all Philippine PB Players, let's unite as one for our fight on PBIC 2017. Please support our team, Wargods Ace Gaming, to the upcoming event this year. We will put up an intense fight. Pray for us.

  • Jerome Ferrer Leria
  • Nickname: WGA*YOMS
  • Age: 26
  • Main Weapon : OA-93 & AUG A3
  • PBIC History: PBIC 2015
  • John Timothy Arone
  • Nickname: WGA*SAMP
  • Age: 19
  • Main Weapon : AUG A3 & OA-93
  • PBIC History: PBIC 2015, PBIC 2016
  • Mark Adrian De Guzman
  • Nickname: WGA*ADREECUTE
  • Age: 25
  • Main Weapon : Cheytac M200 & OA-93
  • PBIC History: PBIC 2016
  • Richard Balbuena
  • Nickname: WGA*ZAP
  • Age: 30
  • Main Weapon : AUG A3
  • PBIC History: PBIC 2015, PBIC 2016
  • Mark Vr Garado
  • Nickname: WGA*VR
  • Age: 26
  • Main Weapon : AUG A3 & OA-93
  • PBIC History: PBIC 2015, PBIC 2016
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