June 13, 2017

Attention PBNC 2017 Participants!

Here are the brackets and schedules for the tournament:

Group A - Day 1 - June 14
Livestream Offstream Start End Map
Wargods™AceGaming DT Akatsuki DeadlySeven DeathThreat 3pm 5pm Luxville
DeathThreat DT Akatsuki DeadlySeven Wargods™AceGaming 5pm 7pm Sandstorm
DeathThreat Wargods™AceGaming DeadlySeven DT Akatsuki 7pm 9pm Downtown


Group A - Day 2 - June 15
Livestream Offstream Start End Map
DeadlySeven DeathThreat Wargods™AceGaming DT Akatsuki 3pm 4pm Stormtube
DeadlySeven Wargods™AceGaming DeathThreat DT Akatsuki 4pm 5pm Midtown
DeadlySeven DT Akatsuki DeathThreat Wargods™AceGaming 5pm 6pm Blowcity


Group B - Day 1 - June 21
Livestream Offstream Start End Map
Wiz Gaming x[GensanSquad]x RASCALS GAMING NETCGC 3pm 4pm Luxville
NETCGC x[GensanSquad]x RASCALS GAMING Wiz Gaming 4pm 5pm Sandstorm
NETCGC Wiz Gaming RASCALS GAMING x[GensanSquad]x 5pm 6pm Downtown


Group B - Day 2 - June 22
Livestream Offstream Start End Map
RASCALS GAMING NETCGC Wiz Gaming x[GensanSquad]x 3pm 4pm Stormtube
RASCALS GAMING Wiz Gaming NETCGC x[GensanSquad]x 4pm 5pm Midtown
RASCALS GAMING x[GensanSquad]x NETCGC Wiz Gaming 5pm 6pm Blowcity

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