May 12, 2017

PBWC 2017 Conversion Reward 

Attention Troopers,

PBWC 2017 is just around the corner, and what good way to celebrate this international event than to release bonus rewards for you troopers!

From May 19 up until May 22 , you will get Bonus Rewards when converting your Garena Shells to PB CASH

Garena Shell Reward
20 Mask Basic PBWC 2017 1D
50 OA-93 PBWC 1D
100 OA-93 PBWC 2017 Set 1D + Famas G2 Commando PBWC 2017 1D
300 OA-93 PBWC 2017 Set 3D + Famas G2 Commando PBWC 2017 3D + Cheytac M200 PBWC 3D
500 AUG A3 PBWC 2017 7D + Kriss S.V PBWC 2017 7D + PBWC 2017 Mask Premium 7D
1000 AUG A3 PBWC 2017 30D + Kriss S.V PBWC 2017 30D + PBWC 2017 Mas Premium 30D

Over and Out

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