April 19, 2017

Attention Troopers!

Feel the heat this March! Log in and play and get awesome rewards!

From April 4 to May 1, Play for at least 2hrs and get one of these awesome items: 

30 Point Bomb Special 1EA
60 Scorpion Vz. 61 1D / Balistic Knife 1D / Bullet Proof Vest plus 1D / Medical Kit 1D

Assault BOB 2016 1EA / SMG BOB 2016 1EA / SMG Gachapon 3.0 1EA / Assault Gachapon 3.0 1EA

*Players can only get 1 item per time duration

*Note : 
1. You don't have to finish it in one sitting as the playtime will be accumulated (example: play 1hour now, then play 1hour & 30min after 30min would still give the reward for playing for 2 hours.)

2. Timer for 1 day is: 0000 until 2359. Event will start after the scheduled maintenance

3. Players can only receive a maximum of 3 gifts per day

So what're you waiting for? 

Log-in now and wreak havoc in the field Trooper!

Over and out!


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