March 17, 2017

Attention Troopers!

Here's a great deal for players who will convert Garena Shells to PB Cash for the first time! Get a bonus Kriss S.V Plasma 7D 
when you convert at least 50 Garena Shells! This promo is available from March 17, 12:00 pm to March 22, 11:59 am only!

Don't miss this great offer, Top up now! But wait there's more! Players who have already convert will also receive a special reward! Simply redeem the code!

Consolation ( Kriss S.V Plasma 1D  ) - BHDRW6FC4X0X09C5                  

*Go to & Redeem your free special weapon. Weapon Code Expires on 22th Mar 2017 at 1159hrs

Get armed and loaded and see you on the battlefield Troopers!

Over and out!


1. It's my first time to convert Garena shells, what reward will I get? 
- Players who will convert at least 50 Shells for the first time will still receive Kriss S.V Plasma  7D. 

2. I already get the conversion reward last February, am I still eligible to join? 
- No. Event is exclusive for players who will convert Garena Shells for the first time ONLY! But fret not, You may still redeem the consolation reward.

3. I convert 20 Shells, am I eligible for the reward? 
- No. You need to convert at least 50 Shells for the first time to get the conversion reward. 

4. I convert 20 Shells but I was unable to get the reward. So I convert 50 Shells again, will I get the event reward? 
- No. The first time conversion reward will only count your first conversion, so if you convert 20 shells on the first, that will count as your first time conversion. Event will only cover players who will convert a minimum of 50 Shells for the first time. 

5. I convert 500 Shells for the first time, will I get more rewards?
- No. Players who are eligible for the event will receive  Kriss S.V Plasma, regardless of the converted amount. 

6. My last convertion was last 2015, am I still elligible for the 7D reward?
-Yes, The only one non eligible is players who converted from Jan 6, 2017 til present. But you are still eligible to get the consolation reward.

7. Where can I buy Garena Shells?
-Need Garena Shells: Click Here

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