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Introducing the New Title System  Skill Guide | Skill Tree

• Elevate your game with these Titles!
Acquiring title enhances your characters capability. Equipping an acquired title grants player enhanced movement speed, increased accuracy and others. It allows player to customized their character versatility, or specialize according to their ability.

• Unlock Powerful Weapons

One of the unique features of the Title System, aside from enhancing the character's ability;  Upon achieving the "Master Title" for each weapon, you will receive a special Beret which shortens reloading time of your weapon equipped. 

title system 2
It also unlocks new powerful Durability weapons in the shop which are purchasable by In Game currency / Points

Title ReqPurchasablePoint PriceRepair Price
Super Assault Officer AK Sopmod          54,000 216
Super Sniper  Officer Winchester M70          48,000 192
Super Assail Officer OA-93          69,000 276
Blow Commander M1887          54,000 216
Sniper Commander L115A1          54,000 216
Shot Commander Glock18          27,000 108
Assault Commander AUG A3          78,000 312
Assail Commander Kriss SV          69,000 276
Super Explosion Officer K-413 Dual          24,000 96

 • Title Crafting
After completing a mission card, players will get mission rewards that they can use to obtain a title. Players can equip up to 3 different titles. You can unlock more titles by meeting other requirements such as ranking up or acquiring another title.

title system 3

Players need to unlock Title and Rank requirements before they can acquire the next Title level.

title system 4

Players can equip Title by pressing double click on the Title that you want to or choose a Title and press Equip. The Title selected will be equipped into the character. Players can remove the title by pressing the X button on the image or press Cancel Title. 

• Obtaining Title
To obtain the Title, Players must meet the conditions which are divided into three:

title system 5

1.) Mission Cards (Purchase required) - Players must complete the mission indicated on the mission card to receive Mission Rewards. Each Mission Cards give different Mission Rewards. The ribbons, medals, and badge can be obtained from purchasing mission cards. Players must finish every mission to obtain Mission Rewards.
    *Note: Players may repurchase mission card once they have finished the mission card

2.) Title - Title is divided into categories and levels. Some title requires prerequisites to obtain.

3.) Rank - Some title requires specific Rank before players can unlock it.  

title system 6

 The red box on the left shows the number of medals owned. The right side shows the number of medals required, including the title and rank requirements. When completed, you can equip the acquired Title.

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